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Royal Palm Society

The Royal Palm Society is Leesburg Regional Medical Center's most prestigious patron recognition. Royal Palm patrons are those who cumulative gifts or pledges to our Foundation have reached $25,000.

The mission of the Royal Palm Society is to provide philanthropic support to Leesburg Regional Medical Center to ensure it maintains a margin of excellence in providing the highest possible quality of health care to our community.

Hospital privileges and amenities*

  • Royal Palm Society membership card: Patrons will receive a card identifying them as a member of this elite society.
  • Personal patient representative: Royal Palm patrons and their dependents will receive the private number of our Royal Palm liaison. The liaison will assist in coordinating your personal service and expediting administrative procedures, requests, etc.
  • Personalized admission and registration: At bedside, when possible.
  • Physician liaison: The Royal Palm administrator can collaborate with the designated physician liaison.
  • Preferred parking: Privileged parking for all Royal Palm patrons.
  • Emergency care: Royal Palm patrons who visit our emergency department will receive care from members of our superb medical staff. Every effort will be made to promptly notify your Royal Palm liaison of your arrival. Whenever possible, please let them emergency registrar know you are a Royal Palm member or show your Royal Palm Society card.
  • Upgraded rooms: When your medical condition permits it, you will receive preference for an upgraded room.
  • Special hospital amenities: Gourmet meals (when medically allowed); guest trays; fruit baskets; coordinated comforter, bedding and towels; robe and slippers; flowers; newspapers and magazines.

*Privileges and amenities are subject to change.

Methods of giving

Gifts may include any combination of the following:

  • A donation of $25,000 or more.
  • A pledge of $25,000 or more, structured for three years.
  • A $25,000 gift of stock, real estate or tangible property.
  • Special planned gifts and gifts of insurance.

Note: All gifts are subject to approval by the Leesburg Regional Medical Center Foundation Board of Directors.

Royal Palm Society Charter Members

  • Walter and Phyllis Baum
  • Cliff and Glenda Bridges
  • Patricia Brown
  • Ray and Barbara Calev-Moran
  • Daniel and Anne Carlson
  • Richard and Sandra Clagett
  • Thomas and Judith Cremers
  • Jim and JoAnne Denny
  • John and Anne DeYoung
  • Daniel and Eleanor Dileo
  • James and Barbara Duckworth
  • Erwin and Erna Dunki
  • Martha Dunlap
  • EmCare (Dr. Rick Scott, CEO)
  • Saad Ehtisham and Tracy Childress
  • James and Sarah Gregg
  • Victoria Gregg
  • Kent and Cathy Hamill
  • James and Peen Hardy
  • Don and Dinah Henderson
  • Marie Herbus
  • Lee and Barbara Huntley
  • Richard and Carole Iberer
  • Alana Jensen
  • Dale and Sandie Karch
  • Margaret Kennedy
  • Milton and Joan Kirby
  • June Lew
  • David and Michele Lewis
  • Richard and Irene Lindgren
  • Eileen Markey
  • John and Corrine Maze
  • Margaret Musselman
  • Cliff Nash
  • Lee Ann Padgett
  • Numa J. Pillion
  • Mary Anne Richards
  • Charles and Gayle Ricks
  • Rick and Terri Sandefer Dodge
  • Walter and Nancy Scott
  • Gavin and Annette Semple
  • Lawrence and Susan Shipow
  • Robert and Gretchen Sholar
  • William and Margaret Shutze
  • Ed and Linda Sites
  • Jim and Pam Smothers
  • Gary and Christine Sorenson
  • Steve and Stephanie Strong
  • David and Mary Anne Sustarsic
  • Robert Sutton Sr.
  • Jacqueline Talley
  • Gayle Tice
  • Gerry and Mary Tucker
  • David and Suzanne van de Velde
  • Bennie Williams
  • Ted and Ginger Williams