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Leesburg Regional Medical Center Now Offers the Newest Technology Available to Detect Breast Cancer

Services | Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Contact: Andrea Sellers

Mammograms just got more comfortable at Leesburg Regional Medical Center (LRMC). GE Healthcare has collaborated with LRMC to bring the next generation in 3-D mammography technology to patients with the Senographe PristinaTM. The Pristina offers a faster, quieter exam with greater comfort and less pain during compression.

"The Senographe PristinaTM offers patients a reinvented mammogram experience," says Eileen Jones, LRMC's lead mammographer who has more than 20 years of experience as a radiology technologist and registered nurse. "The equipment combines comfort with the best imaging technology to deliver precise diagnoses. GE designed it to alleviate the stress and tension often associated with mammography."

The gentle, rounded corners of the image detector help reduce patient discomfort under the arms. New, comfortable armrests replace conventional handgrips which may cause tensing of the pectoral muscles, making it hard to properly position the tissue. In addition, the redesigned armrest allows women to gently support their arm during the exam in a relaxed position making the exam more appealing.

Improper positioning has been found to be the cause of poor image quality that can then require a rescan. By improving patient comfort, the technologist can focus on providing the highest quality exam for the radiologist to interpret.

Under the radiographer's supervision and guidance, women can now play an active role in determining their level of breast compression with the help of a remote control. The Senographe PristinaTM technology at LRMC includes the use of a handheld remote which allows patients to experience a more comfortable exam while still producing high-quality images.

"Our Women's Imaging Suite continues to set the standard in breast health," continues Eileen. "We have outstanding physicians and support staff, years of expertise, a top-quality facility, expedited results, and now the most advanced technology in mammography available."

In tandem with the Senographe PristinaTM technology, Leesburg Regional Medical Center has also put an emphasis on the patient experience by creating a spa-like atmosphere throughout the facility with GE's new SensorySuite package. LRMC is one of only a handful of facilities in Florida to use this technology, which is especially noticeable in the Women's Imaging Suite where the air is infused with a light calming fragrance, flat-screen wall monitors display soothing videos, and relaxing sounds are projected to create a serene environment.

LRMC offers screening and diagnostic mammograms as well as bone densitometry and body composition testing in its Women's Imaging Suite. Our Dual energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA) is considered the most highly developed technology for assessing bone mineral density for the diagnosis of osteoporosis, predicting fractures, and monitoring response to treatments.

To schedule a mammogram at Leesburg Regional Medical Center, call (352)751-8888.