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Behavioral health

Welcome to UF Health Leesburg Hospital Senior Behavioral Health Center. Opened in 2017, this beautiful facility focuses on treating adults who suffer from changes in behavior and emotions that require specialized treatment.

Many patients require a combination of medical treatment, rehabilitative, and physical care. Our center is committed to offering comprehensive therapy that understands the uniqueness of aging. We offer solutions for depression, confusion, sadness, agitation and combativeness. Individual, group, and family therapy is provided by our social workers, activity therapists, and physical therapists. The intimate, 21-bed specialty unit fosters a relaxed, patient-focused approach which includes:

  • Inpatient treatment for behavioral health disorders for older adults.
  • Treatment for diagnoses such as depression, psychosis, bipolar disorder, and anxiety.
  • Treatment of difficult behaviors such as aggression, combativeness and problems sleeping or eating.
  • Individual, group, or family therapy and activity therapy.
  • Education is provided to family members to assist with issues concerning their loved ones.

As a purely voluntary consent facility, we offer a different environment from many other facilities in the region. By exclusively providing care for aging adults, our facility provides a tailored option for patients through a calm and secure environment. The Center often treats:

  • Depression (changes in sleep, appetite)
  • Anxiety (increased worrying, nervousness and pacing)
  • Psychosis (auditory or visual hallucinations)
  • Paranoia (irrational beliefs that others are plotting to harm)
  • Delusions (fixed false beliefs regarding self, others, environment)
  • Behavioral concerns (yelling, cursing)
  • Other admission criteria may include: medication noncompliance, increased sadness or grief, medication adjustment, combativeness

700 N. Palmetto Street
Leesburg, FL 34748
(located on the third floor)

Contact Us:
For inpatient/admissions, call 352.323.3270
For outpatient appointments, call 352.323.2337