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Women's Imaging

The Latest Technology

Leesburg Regional Medical Center now offers the newest technology available to detect breast cancer with our GE Senographe Pristina three-dimensional tomographic mammogram unit. The 3-D Pristina takes diagnostic imaging to a new level and finds more cancers than 2-D mammography alone.

In tandem with the Pristina, a new SensorySuite creates a spa-like environment for our patients. LRMC is one of only a handful of facilities in Florida to use SensorySuite, in which women as well as men getting tested for breast cancer can control the sights they see on a screen, the sounds they hear, and the aromas they smell. SensorySuite provides a soothing atmosphere rather than a cold, sterile setting.

The physical features of the Pristina have soft, rounded edges to help reduce anxiety, and a handheld remote control which enables patients to set their own compression level. Patients are able to get better compression and comfort level when they set it themselves - and the Pristina unit is still able to produce such high quality images.


A Caring Team

Our lead mammographer has more than 20 years of experience as a radiology technologist and registered nurse. She takes the time to tailor each mammogram experience to the patient's individual needs.

"I am proud that the future of imaging is here and available to our community."
~Eileen M. Jones, LRMC's Lead Mammographer

Schedule a mammogram

All women should have an annual screening mammogram beginning at age 40. Women with certain risk factors should discuss an appropriate screening program with their physician. To schedule an appointment, please call 352.751.8888.

Leesburg Regional Medical Center is accredited by the American College of Radiology for mammography, breast ultrasound, nuclear medicine, and ultrasound.