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Leesburg Regional Medical Center offers a dedicated pediatric unit where the staff is specially-trained to care for children with a variety of health problems, including meningitis; chickenpox; respiratory problems such as asthma, RSV and pneumonia; minor surgeries; and more.

Security is a top priority in our pediatric unit. The unit remains locked 24 hours a day. Visitors must request permission to enter. The unit features private rooms and a well-stocked playroom with books, games and puzzles.

Pediatric hospitalists

Your child's visit to the hospital can be difficult and stressful. That's why, at Leesburg Regional Medical Center, physicians who understand children are here around the clock. We partner with Central Florida Pediatric Intensive Care Specialists to provide pediatricians—known as pediatric hospitalists—who specialize in the care of hospital patients from infancy to adulthood.

Pediatric hospitalists:

  • Care exclusively for pediatric and newborn patients and their families, who are in the hospital.
  • Oversee all medical treatment from admission to discharge, including examining your child, ordering tests and medications, and answering any questions or concerns.
  • Are on-site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Keep an open line of communication with your child's primary care physician, ensuring the same excellent care both in the hospital and the physician's office.